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Percentage of Segwit Transactions Hits 8%, Mem Pool is Empty

Developed primarily to solve a long-standing vulnerability in Bitcoin (transaction malleability), it also had the side effect of providing more on-chain capacity, & reducing fees for sending / receiving Bitcoins.
SegWit Charts Transaction percentage hits 8%:
Shapeshift IS Now One of the Leading SegWit Adopters! Shapeshift is responsible for 2% to 3% of ALL Bitcoin transactions. What this means:
• Lower mining fees for ShapeShift users buying or selling Bitcoin
• Less data per transaction (increasing scale capacity of network)
Unconfirmed Transactions (MEM Pool) are really low, at around 10,000. All this year, before SegWit got activated, Unconfirmed Transactions, were sitting around 150,000. Source:
Please note, you could get 2 free coins, IF you hold Bitcoin (BTC), when Bitcoin Gold Hard Forks on 25th October, & SegWit2X in mid November.
When the SegWit2X Hard Fork happens in mid November. Coinbase has said that "Customers with Bitcoin balances stored on Coinbase at the time of the fork, will have access to Bitcoin on both blockchains." Source:
Now, you can sell whichever chain of Bitcoin you want to sell, safely, without selling the Bitcoin chain you want to keep.
The only wallet that I know of so far, that has confirmed that they will provide support for SegWit2X chain is the Ledger hardware wallet. They clearly state "if there's no replay protection added we'll force a split before transacting" Source:
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