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Play Royal Updates and News

Play Royal Updates and News
With much anticipation PlayRoyal has finally released it referral system. That’s right you can now promote play royal and earn a share of the rewards mined on the platform from your referees. you earn a percentage of house edge wins, trading fees and Poker rake for all the Play Royal clients you refer via your unique link, plus your referrals will also receive a mining bonus for the first week.
Not only does the referrer get a bonus but the referee gets 1% mining bonus on all tokens. In addition, that mining bonus also stacks with mining leader bonuses on the platform which means new players can stack royally while mining. For more incentive Play Royal is also running an referral competition.

Use your unique referral link to invite people to play on Play Royal. As the players play you will earn rewards based on the players wagers as mentioned above. The People with the most cumulative earnings in the top 20 spots will earn rewards as listed below.
Oct 12, 2019 4:00 AM
Nov 1, 2019 4:00 PM
  1. 7,500,000 PLAY and 30,000 TRX
  2. 5,000,000 PLAY and 20,000 TRX
  3. 3,500,000 PLAY and 14,000 TRX
See the full rewards table on site.
SDT is now available as trading pairs and for betting on Play Royal games.
As promised, USDT is now live. Use the USD stable coin in our exchange, or simply play any of the Play Royal created games found on our system using the ERC-20 token. USDT, BTC and PLAY betting on Betsoft games will be coming soon, so stay tuned.
BTC is now enabled on Play Royal in both the exchange and a large portion of our games. Play our provably fair games on Play Royal with PLAY, RWD, TRX, ETH, BTC and USDT

PlayRoyal RoadMap:
⁃ Bitcoin (BTC) Full integration (Games+Exchange) - Done
⁃ Litecoin (LTC) Full integration (Games+Exchange)
⁃ EOS (EOS) Full integration (Games+Exchange)
⁃ Matic (MATIC) Full integration (Games+Exchange)
⁃ Launching an Epic Referral System platform wide - Done
⁃ Daily tasks
⁃ News section - Done
⁃ Integrated forum
⁃ Special VIP features
⁃ Launch Deposit Bonuses - Done
⁃ Notification inbox
⁃ The Return of the New enhanced FOMO3D
⁃ The Return of the New enhanced Multiplayer Dice
⁃ Daily Race Cash prizes to replace mining bonus
⁃ Poker sit'n'go, tournaments and jackpots
⁃ PVP games between players
⁃ Poker optimization for mobile
⁃ List Play Token on Delta & Portfolio
⁃ List Play Royal Exchange on and - Done
⁃ Launching Crash The Moon Multiplayer Game
⁃ Esports
⁃ More Autobet Features on Games
⁃ Changing Maximum bet to Maximum win on Dice
⁃ Launching a Marketing Campaign – In progress and Ongoing
⁃ Adding More languages to the Play Royal Platform - Done
⁃ Onboarding experience for new players with rewards
⁃ Landing pages + more content on each page
DappStats, FIO.Social, Crypto Alliance, BETSOFT, and more to come.

Play Royal is not just about the game but also about the experience. Play Royal has made moves to improve the user interface, reliability, community environment with CEO Tony Discord AMA and much more. If you have not tried out play royal now is the time.
Press Play and come see how it feels to be Royal.
Daily News 25 October 2019
PLAY ROYAL🔹Best Online Crypto Casino & Crypto Exchange Platform 🔹
🚧 Hello PLAYers! BlackJack is currently under maintenance. We thank you for your patience 🙏 🚧
USDT Now On Play Royal 🚀🚀🚀
Hello fellow players! As promised, USDT is now live. Use the USD stable coin in our exchange to beat the market, or simply play any of the Play Royal created games found on our system using the ERC-20 token. USDT, BTC and PLAY betting on Betsoft games will be coming soon, so stay tuned.
We have plenty of exciting updates planned for Q4 of 2019. Stay tuned in the coming week for our first ever exciting holiday event as things at Play Royal get a little spooky.
PLAYROYAL Referral Competition 🎁🎁🎁
Competition Period: Oct 12, 2019 8:00 AM utc - Nov 1, 2019 8 PM utc
⛏ Current Mining Efficiencies:
▪️ Round 33 of 250 (Current Round Progress: 2.748% )
🚀 BTC ➡️ 0.000159 BTC : 1 RWD + 50% RWD 🚀 USDT ➡️ 1.29 USDT : 1 RWD + 50% RWD 🚀 PLAY ➡️ 23,333 PLAY :1 RWD + 30% RWD
🚀 ETH ➡️ 0.0084 ETH : 1 RWD + 25% RWD 🚀 TRX ➡️ 84 TRX : 1 RWD + 25% RWD
Daily Party:
Burn your RWD tokens to get your share of the pool, There is a:
50% bonus for RWD burned for the first 12 hours
25% bonus for the following 8 hours, with the
0% bonus for the Final 4 hours
🔥 First 12 hours ➕ 50% Bonus
🔥 12th - 20th hour ➕ 25% Bonus
🔥 Last 4 hours ➕ 0% Bonus
🔥🔥🔥Weekly RWD Burn🔥🔥🔥
64,821 RWD been burned from playing with RWD -
🔲 Need Help? Join Debug Telegram 👁‍🗨👁‍🗨
🔲 Texas Hold'em Telegram Poker Lounge ♠️
🔲 Official PlayRoyal Announcement Channel
🔲 Wagered RWD Burn Counter - From Playing With RWD
🔲 How to Play the MAX QUEST: Wrath of Ra Slot? 🔲 RoadMap Chart
🔲 Discord AMA With PlayRoyal CEO Tony - PDF Link
❇️❇️ Stay tuned as the exciting announcements at Play Royal don’t slow down. 😉😉
Happy trading and happy gaming! 📝📝
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I purchased $100K worth of BCH on GDAX- got filled at $6k, and was prohibited from selling at 8.5k and 9k.
I've removed the account name from the screenshot, but assure you the purchase, unrealized loss, and soon to be realized loss is very real. Instead of ~140k, I'm now looking at 48k.
It was my hope that Coinbase & GDAX would make users whole and allow gains to be kept while compensating users negatively affected by the volatility, similar to what they did for the ETH flash crash, but seeing the new update, it looks like they are going to pass the buck and shaft users.
I thought I was going to get filled @ 3k something, but wasn't too upset at 6k, considering it was soon in the 8s and 9s. Being prevented from selling is just about the dirtiest move I've ever seen from an exchange, let alone one of Coinbase's size, and is what i have a problem with.
What would you do in my position?
*edit: Many people seem to think I am upset about being filled at $6k. No, that is not an issue at all. It was a market order at a lower price and slippage was expected. What I am upset about is having the sell function disabled. If I am allowed to sell, and my closing price is below my entry, fair enough, that's my loss, but that isn't the situation here. If volatility reached an arbitrary level that is going to be deemed too high, why even let that level be reached in the first place? Circuit breakers, if used, should be known and implemented prior to the start of trading, not without warning. And why the heck is the spike being erased from charts as if it never happened, yet trades like mine are left standing? People who are buying it now are given no indication that the spike occurred and that some trades were executed between 6k, 7k, 8k and all the way up to 9.5k. Since when is an exchange allowed to pick and choose which transactions to show on a chart? The history of rejected transactions has been removed from the main screen but can be seen here: , and cancelled orders after the halt have been deleted entirely.
*edit: After contacting support and explaining the situation, here is the cookie-cutter response I received that has pretty much nothing to do with the issue at hand:
"Hi there,
A hard fork event of the Bitcoin network on August 1st of 2017 created two separate blockchains: Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
Coinbase has always supported Bitcoin (BTC), but we have recently announced full support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a different digital asset than Bitcoin (BTC).
You will only be eligible for a Bitcoin Cash credit if you had a Bitcoin balance on Coinbase or GDAX at the time of the August 1st hard fork.
You will now be able to send and receive Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on Coinbase. We hope to enable trading of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on GDAX and Coinbase very soon. At the time of this email, trading has not yet been enabled.
Please avoid sending BCH to a BTC address, or BTC to a BCH address!
Please see our blog post for more information:
You can also live chat with our automated customer support rep, Ada, here: – Ada can help answer basic questions, keep you up-to-date with current site issues, and assist with website navigation. Ada is always learning and improving!
Thanks for your understanding, and thanks for your patience with us as we grow with the digital currency community. Regards,
Kyle The Coinbase Team "
WTF Coinbase/GDAX.
edit: It has now been a week since this incident, and Coinbase/GDAX has failed to provide any relevant response or offer to remediate. While the charts have now been updated to show that the spike did indeed take place, and the failure of its UI/UX to update in time to reflect changes to market conditions could qualify as a 'serious technical error' which is grounds for trade reversal as stated in Section 3.1 of the GDAX Trading Policy, it appears Section 3.11 is the area to focus on. It states "GDAX does not use artificial market integrity measures such as ‘circuit breakers’ or trading halts." Seeing how a trading halt was implemented due to 'significant volatility', I believe it is grounds for a suit on the basis of material breach of contract. Traders such as myself would not have engaged with GDAX had we known we'd be prevented from selling. The damages are very real and provable.
edit: On Dec 21st, two days after the botched launch, GDAX updated its Trading Rules, adding a clause to Section 3.3 that says they are allowed to halt trading. Obviously this wasn't in effect on the 19th, and still contradicts what they have in Section 3.11. Perhaps this clause will save them from future screw-ups when they add more coins in 2018, but as of now, I am pretty sure they shot themselves in the foot by halting trading amidst their panic. Perhaps GDAX should sue whoever is advising them!
Anyways, I have begun contacting users that have reached out after finding themselves in similar situations. If you have also been affected by this incident, please send me a PM! Just because Coinbase/GDAX are large companies doesn't mean they can walk all over people without repercussion. We're now a few days shy of 2 weeks without an adequate response. 2 more weeks and a lawsuit will go forward. Your move GDAX!
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Crypto Became a Gambler’s Paradise?

Comparing cryptocurrency trading to gambling is like comparing crypto tribalism to religion: the analogy is correct, but it’s also tired. What bears emphasizing, then, isn’t that crypto trading and crypto gambling are often indistinguishable, but the extent to which the two disciplines permeate the cryptosphere. From the most popular dapps to the leading hacks, everything of interest within the space can be interpreted as a form of gambling. It’s the reason why crypto is so fascinating and so addictive.

The Whole World Is a Game

The gamification of everything is the endgame of life itself. Soon it will be impossible to go for a jog without receiving a high score or being showered in shitcoins for your efforts. Competition is what drives us as humans. The desire to be better than one’s fellow man or woman is the reason we’re here today on the internet, and not still living in mud huts. Combining money, mathematical puzzles, economics and copious amounts of game theory, crypto is a heady concoction of all the things that spur a man to get out of bed in the morning and conquer the world.
And the use of “man,” on this occasion is deliberate. There are many reasons why crypto has been historically male-dominated, some of which are too contentious or tangential to delve into here. This much, however, needs said: men are greater risk takers in life. It’s why their fortunes are more likely to fall in the extremes than in the mean: atop the mountain or in the gutter, but rarely in between. It’s also why crypto’s greatest success story so far has been letting men do what they were gonna do anyway: gamble, both literally and loosely, while striving to stack more sats than their peers.

Gambling on a Future for Dapps

What is altcoin trading if not a game to end up with more BTC than you started out with? Whether you get there through charting ichimoku clouds or rolling high-low in a crypto casino seems immaterial. To understand the extent to which gambling dominates the cryptosphere, there’s only one place to start – the dapp store. Hit up your favorite dapp tracker (Dappradar or State of the Dapps are probably best) and take a look at the most popular decentralized applications on each chain.

Top 10 dapps according to Dappradar

State of the Dapps notes six of the dapps in its top 10 as being gambling. Dappradar, which records more crypto networks, including Tron, also has six gambling applications in its top 10. Leading the pack is Wink, the betting platform that uses the same principles as’s Cashgames: instant wins, micropayments, and provably fair gambling. Wink can be accessed as a conventional casino or on a game by game (i.e dapp by dapp) basis. In most respects, Wink is indistinguishable from any other crypto casino, with the primary difference being the way in which it’s accessed.
Online casinos can be banned and geo-restricted, as often occurs at national level. Dapps, while not the censorship-resistant paradise their proponents would have them, are a lot harder to block. It’s no surprise that many of the most popular gambling dapps have struck gold in Asia, where download links are shared in Wechat groups and where wagering on life is a way of life for many.

Trading or Wagering?

Not all gambling dapps can be neatly filed into the gambling category. How to interpret Bulls vs Bears for example? Like many of the leading dapps on Tron and EOS, it’s dubbed as gaming, rather than gambling, and as a skill-based endeavor, that’s technically correct. Players don’t compete against the house, and since the game calls for predicting crypto market trends, there’s skill involved. With talk of a “dynamic wagering environment” and large jackpots, though, it’s clear who the dapp’s target demographic is. Like many new dapps trying to bootstrap, Bulls vs Bears relies on giveaways (in this case TRX tokens for signing up) as a means of getting bodies through the door, or rather users on the protocol.
In condensing the act of trading into basic binary options – high/low, bull/bear, the dapp bestows the same duality that bifurcates so many other domains in life, from U.S. politics to dead rappers. Are you a bull or bear? Republican or Democrat? Biggie or Tupac fan? Somewhere out there is a dapp for that, where you can wager on binary options for all the things you love and hate.
Further blurring the lines between what constitutes gambling and what’s trading is Guesser. Built on Augur, it’s technically a prediction market that uses crowdsourced wisdom to determine probable outcomes. In reality though, it’s a betting dapp, and a very neat one at that. Guesser appears to have given up all pretences of operating a prediction market, inviting users to “Bet up to” a certain amount on each market.

There’s More Than One Way to Beat a Dapp

While crypto users have been filling Telegram and Wechat groups with gambling dapp strategies, a handful of more enterprising individuals have been working on their own means of beating the system. In crypto, as in everything else, there’s always a way to fast track your way to riches, provided you don’t mind breaking a few rules along the way.
Eosplay usage briefly dropped to zero after an attacker found a way to drain the pool of EOS.
Eosplay is the sixth most popular gambling dapp on EOS. For a short while, over the weekend, it was also the most profitable for whoever rented a bunch of resources and used them to clean out 30,000 EOS from the contract. Call it genius, cheating or a bit of both, it was an effective case study in unorthodox ways to beat the house.
People can moan about the rough edges around defi protocols, the unreadability of bitcoin addresses, and the complexity of wallet recovery, but not everything in crypto is quite so wonky. Gambling has been a mainstay since the beginning of Bitcoin, and developers have gotten extremely efficient at it. If crypto builders can approach other ecosystem verticals with the same gusto with which players and devs have approached gambling dapps, mainstream adoption is just a UX breakthrough away. Where there’s a will to innovate, there’s a way, and when there’s money wagering on it, no problem is too big to solve.
From casinos to bitcoin, formerly fringe interests have now been normalized, thanks to those willing to put a punt on them when no one else would. Where gamblers lead, the mainstream tends to follow.
Do you think gambling is one of the best use cases for crypto to date? Let us know in the comments section below.
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Etheroll DICE tokens unlocked May 15 on EtherDelta Exchange. Learn More Here.

EDIT: DICE Tokens are now transferable and available on EtherDelta exchange
Hello World!
Following on from the success of our crowdfund (which raised 18,945 ether for the house bankroll) and the recent soft-launch of our Ethereum dice game, we are very pleased to announce that our ÐICE tokens become available for trading on EtherDelta exchange May 15th from 0900 UTC.
What is Etheroll? Our Ethereum dice game is provably-fair, has a low 1% house edge and no sign-ups or deposits. Each dice roll is provably random and crypto-graphically secure thanks to the nature of the Ethereum blockchain. Players can set their own odds using our unique web-based UI. A world first for Ethereum!
In the few weeks since our soft-launch, we have seen players wager up to 108 ether on one roll of the dice. Check out some of the other large wagers here (current live contract) and here (discontinued contract).
We are currently in the process of ramping up into full production. We recently raised our bankroll by 1000 ether, ~1/18th of our total bankroll. Bankroll increases will follow in a gradual order. You can read more on our development focuses in our 3-6 month development road-map here.
What is ÐICE? We are inviting you to bet on the house. Our ÐICE token is an ERC-20 standards-compliant token, and a default token within MyEtherWallet and Parity. ÐICE grants its holders special rights and privileges within the Etheroll platform; including the right to profit your proportional share of the house bankroll generates via our dice game with its built-in 1% house edge. For example, if you own 10% of all tokens, you have rights to 10% of the profit the bankroll generates, every 12 weeks.
Each ÐICE token grants its owner the following rights and has the following benefits:
ÐICE Properties:
Learn more about ÐICE here.
Etheroll ÐICE Tokens Unlocked May 15 on EtherDelta Exchange ÐICE tokens are unlocked May 15th at 0900 UTC and will be available from this date forward on EtherDelta exchange. If you missed out on our crowdfund in February you can load up on ÐICE tokens from May 15th on the completely de-centralized EtherDelta exchange. You can learn more about the benefits of our DICE token by visiting today.
Trading ÐICE on EtherDelta Instructions on how to trade on EtherDelta exchange are posted to their website. Using the top menu, select 'Help'. From here, you can read the guides, or watch the screen-casts. For support, open the chat in the bottom right corner.
To interact with EtherDelta, you will need to use the Google Chrome Metamask extension. Metamask is available at You can not use Mist to trade on EtherDelta. To create a sell order of ÐICE on EtherDelta, you will first need to send ÐICE tokens to your Metamask wallet and then deposit ÐICE into EtherDelta. Follow the guides available on their website for further details on how to achieve this. You can find this information under the ‘Help’ menu.
To buy ÐICE tokens, you will need to first deposit ether into EtheDelta exchange and then create a buy order. Follow the guides available on their website for further details on how to achieve this. You can find this information under the ‘Help’ menu.
Development Roadmap + Security Audits:
Recent Etheroll Numbers (~3 weeks soft-launch with zero publicity):
Some Interesting Crypto Gambling Numbers With a market cap of ~$29 billion USD, [1] it is estimated that 50-60% of all transactions relate to online gambling. [2] In the past year, BTC casino revenue was 3,173,833 BTC with a profit of 15,173.6 BTC. In the same period, 20.83 billion bets have been placed across Bitcoin casinos. [3]
More Information:
Please be sure to read our risks document available here(PDF).
ÐICE tokens are available for trading May 15th from 0900 UTC on EtherDelta exchange. You can learn more about the benefits of ÐICE tokens by visiting today.
[1] Source: [2] Source: [3] Source:
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New, Provably Fair Blackjack Site [] Fast Deposits/Withdrawals!

I came across this when I was looking for new sportsbooks and casinos to use on BitcoinTalk. is new and looks very promising, and from what I’ve read, its developer is incredibly passionate about the site. He is constantly interacting with the community and is actively acting on feedback/suggestions.
I decided to check out the site and the game, and I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve seen: it’s smooth, responsive, and clean for a start, and the blackjack payout ratio is 3:2.
You can split multiple times, so if you split two tens or two face cards into two hands and each receive another ten or face card, you can again split those two hands into four.
The dealer hits on soft 17, too.
They’re Provably Fair, with information/proof easily accessed by a handy drop-down menu, and offer 2FA for added security.
One of the innovative features I’ve seen and am impressed by is that by playing over time, you can earn edges over the dealer.
After ten bets, you can use a lifeline to reveal the dealer’s card.
After twenty, you can see what the next card to be drawn will be.
Ater thirty, you can swap one card in your hand for another random one from the deck (swap that crappy two in your hard twelve for hopefully an ace or ten!).
At the moment, you can deposit and play with either Bitcoin, Dash, or Litecoin (also practice mode), and the deposit/withdrawal time is incredibly fast. You can also change your denominations per bet in the settings.
There are also no minimum deposit/withdrawal limits. Deposit a dollar and win two dollars? You can withdraw those two dollars (minus the obvious withdrawal fees, of course).
The timing between wallet to site and back to wallet again is just a few minutes. Seriously fast.
The commission rate for affiliates is currently a whopping 50% -- most other sites are 30% at best.
Frankly, given how sleek the whole thing is (and how it’s very mobile-friendly, though I haven’t tested that functionality), this is going to be my go-to site for crypto blackjack. I’ve already deposited and played with some of my Litecoin.
To help people, I’m linking a strategy chart with this game’s presets already inputted, but remember this isn’t an automatic ‘I win’ but a guide.
So, check it out if you’re interested. The main selling point, at least for the moment, is the withdrawal times being so expedient/minutes only.
Good luck!
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Bitcoin Investing 101: Trading, Gambling, and Real Estate

Bitcoin Investment Strategy Comparison Chart
Bitcoin has been a sound investment since 2012, offering over a 1000% return on investment through this year. While there have been more market peaks than valleys during the past 5 years, some Bitcoin holders are seeking a more efficient way to receive even higher returns on their BTC. Bitcoin Forum members post daily asking about and commenting on the best strategies for Bitcoin investing. In this post we will discuss three popular ways to invest Bitcoin.
Where to Invest BTC?
Cryptocurrency Trading
The cryptocurrency world is expanding with the creation of new altcoins and app tokens almost every day. Altcoins and app token are typically created for a purpose or project that accomplishes a goal that is more specific than a general cash equivalent like Bitcoin. If Bitcoin is comparable to cash, altcoins and app tokens are comparable to gift cards; they can only be used at one store, but may become more valuable if that store offers a limited supply product with a high demand. Using this analogy makes it easier to understand why investing in altcoins and apptokens could be a lucrative venture. Altcoins have no intrinsic value, like a plastic gift card. But if the cryptocurrency project develops an innovative service or product for consumers, then the altcoin will become valuable enough to exchange with Bitcoin, a cash equivalent. Investing Bitcoin into an altcoin project when the initial value is low, and selling the altcoin for Bitcoin when the value rises or project is successful, is how cryptocurrency traders make returns on their Bitcoin investments.
The risks of cryptocurrency trading should also be considered. What happens if the project ceases operations? What happens if the altcoin or app token is not distributed to investors as the developer promised? What happens if there is an unforeseen event that causes investors to dump their altcoins? Most altcoin and app token projects, like any startup, offer tons of potential for success in the long term but are risky investments in the short term. A new altcoin initially valued at $5 could jump to $8 or $9 in its opening weeks. However, if the project lacks momentum, consistency, or credibility then coin investors may become dissatisfied and cause the valuation to stagnate or decrease to $2 or $3 per coin. The cryptocurrency trading market is as free as any capitalist could hope for, but deregulated open markets can be a two-edged sword for altcoin and app token traders.
Trading Discussion
Casino Gambling and Betting
Gambling and betting are probably society's oldest ways to make "quick" money and this holds true for the modern day as well. The premise of Bitcoin gambling sites is almost self explanatory. If there is a Bitcoin balance in your wallet you can signup for an online casino to gamble slots, card games, table games, and sports bet with your coins. Winning payouts are distributed in Bitcoin back to your wallet. Some casino sites have their own altcoin or app token that must be used to gamble or bet; think of it as buying tokens to play games at Dave & Busters.
Gambling and betting are the quickest ways to earn high returns on your Bitcoin. You may remain anonymous and do not need to go to Las Vegas to play poker or tip the server for your drinks. If you are good at sports betting, then a small Bitcoin fortune can be made after every game. One thing that should be noted is that there is a standard for online casinos called Provably Fair. Make sure that the Bitcoin casino you choose is Provably Fair.
Gambling and betting are also the quickest ways to lose all of your Bitcoin. They have the highest risk of all Bitcoin investments, just like a real life casino or maybe even worse. There actually may be better chances of winning by going to Las Vegas and gambling in person. At least a real casino is not controlled by one person, or computer, or whomever may be operating the site on the other side of the screen. And how can a casino website really be "Provably Fair"? The point of the casino is to make money, right? And there is little to no recourse for online, please be careful and only wager Bitcoin that you can afford to lose.
Real Estate
According to, capitalism is defined as, "a social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, in which all property is privately owned." Capitalism, Bitcoin, and real estate share synergies that form the most stable and secure returns of any cryptocurrency investment strategy. Property ownership is a staple of generational wealth; it is an asset that provides financial security now and in the future.
Real estate investing with Bitcoin allows investors to diversify their portfolio with a traditional asset in the property, and new age asset in the Bitcoin itself. In this case, both assets have an intrinsic value and a market value that appreciates over time. While the returns on real estate investing may not be as high in the short term as cryptocurrency trading or gambling, in the long term they are by far the most secure and consistent out of the three options.
Real estate is the only investment that is tangible and can be insured for the full amount. Bitcoin real estate investing is even more secure than putting Bitcoin in a cold storage, offline vault (wallet). A Bitcoin vault may be lost or stolen, but if the Bitcoin is invested into a property, the property cannot be lost or stolen if it is insured. If you ever need to know where your coins are invested, you can visit the property in person.
A Real Estate Coin with a Real Address
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How To Make 50% Profit In 5 Minutes l Bitsler Strategy Fair Social Gambling Provably Fair on Bitcoin Casino Bitsler com Bitcoin Dice Gambling Script Play Hi/Lo Card Game. Win Bitcoins.

Conclusion on Provably Fair games . Provably fair games evolved a lot since 2010 when the first dice games appeared. The fraud percentage here is close to 0% as every transaction can be verified using its hash and the provably fair system. So basically if you’re looking to gamble, at least make sure you’re gambling on the right place and ... PRICE ANALYSIS CHARTS; CROWDFUNDING; COIN UPDATES; CRYPTOPEDIA. EXPLAINED; CRYPTO GUIDES; BITCOIN 101; ETHEREUM 101; BITCOIN CASH 101; ICO 101; RIPPLE 101; LIGHTNING NETWORK 101; What Is An ICO Token And How Does It work? How To Choose An ICO To Invest In ; ICO Vs IPO: Key Differences; ICO Vs Venture Capital; Top 10 ICOs With The Biggest ROI; How To Buy ICO Tokens: Beginner’s Guide; How To ... Charts providing a snapshot of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem A note about forks. On August 1, 2017, multiple development teams forked from the legacy bitcoin chain to remove the 1 megabyte block size restriction, creating Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The impact of this change is visible on several charts. On August 24, 2017, the Bitcoin Core development team forked from the legacy bitcoin chain to implement a feature called SegWit, creating Bitcoin Core (BTC). Provably fair & Bitcoin casino’s #1 FortuneJack #2 Stake #3 #4 Bitsler #5 DuckDice; Blog; Social Navigation. Twitter; Coin Royale Review . Offer and demand are always covered when it comes to online casinos. The newer breed of Bitcoin casino in the online is thought to be even more offering. One of the most recognisable casinos in this sub-industry is Coin Royale, a Bitcoin ...

[index] [46176] [37302] [48904] [5023] [10171] [9568] [17949] [2683] [9888] [26133]

How To Make 50% Profit In 5 Minutes l Bitsler Strategy

All new Bitcoin game. Play Hi Lo Card game for bitcoins. Instant deposits and withdrawals, provably fair gaming. Play Hi-Lo card game at Play Hi Lo Card game for bitcoins. Instant deposits and ... Provably fair is a technical solution whereby we and you, the customer, together generate the input values of a game and hence the result of the game, The simplest example is to think of a card ... Play at with a roulette based social gambling game that offers you a provably fair chance to double your bitcoin wager and includes a generous faucet . Provably fair is a technical solution whereby we and you, the customer, together generate the input values of a game and hence the result of the game, The simplest example is to think of a card ... This video aims to give you guys a (very) basic understand of how provably systems make use of one-way hash functions in order to provide a fair player experience. PS. Fair simply means the odds ...